Palikerav Mamo (“Thank you, Mother”)

by | Nov 30, 2020 | EN, Gypsy Family Band EN, Songs

“Thank You Mother” is a popular Roma song that’s been recorded countless times. The original author is unknown, but this is not unusual for these types of songs: Someone writes a song, someone else hears it and repeats it, someone else modifies it and adds to it… then it simply becomes a part of the music of their culture.

In this song we see how important family is in the community-oriented Roma culture. The nuclear family is the place where life happens, and the bond between parents and their children is usually very strong.

Roma families here in Slovakia may sometimes lack many things, but love is usually not one of them. It doesn’t mean the relationships are perfect – both the young men playing on this song have experienced difficult times in their families. But the loyalty is strong, and the feelings are intense – you can hear them (and maybe feel them yourself) in this soulful recording.

Palikerav Mamo (“Thank you, Mother”)
Unknown Author

When I was smaller, my siblings and I,
We had a good family.
Now I’m bigger, I’ve grown up,
And Mom and Dad, you’re older now.
Thank you, Mom, thank you, Dad.
You’ve given me a good life,
Thank you.

All vocals and instruments: Alex Rybar and Martin Ferkov

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