Prichádza Kráľ (“The King is Coming”)

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Devleskero Kher Worhip Team, EN, Songs

“The King is Coming” is a song written by Ronald and Laura Sugar, members of the Devleskero Kher worship team. Since writing and first sharing it nearly three years ago, it has become a regular part of the worship of the church, also loved by the children and youth groups. Inspired by the story and songs of David, it reminds us that we do not face our giants alone – we face them with God’s help.

“There’s always some giant coming,” says Rony Sugar, “and each person has his own. But it’s not our fight, it’s God’s fight. One giant leaves and another comes, and the next one is usually bigger! Bigger and bigger… but the more that come, the more we’re aware of WHO is before you, behind you, in you. It’s amazing to me. It’s not our fight – we simply need to put our trust in him.”

The King is Coming
Music and lyrics by Ronald and Laura Sugar

The King is coming,
Standing before the giant you face.
Don’t be afraid, do not fear.
He has your life firmly in his hands.
Wherever you go,
He will always be by your side. (repeat)

Stand… (he will stand faithfully)
Stand… (he will never leave you)
Stand… (he has given me the victory)

Even when I walk through the valley of death,
I will fear no evil.
Because I believe that you are with me –
I will fear no evil.

All Vocals: Ronald Sugar, Laura Sugarova
Keyboards: Leonard Horvath
Drums: Miro Toth
Bass: Ronald Sugar

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