Džal džal (“There He Goes”)

by | Oct 26, 2020 | EN, Galakticka Children's Choir, Songs

When we hear a Roma pop song and ask someone what the song’s about, we usually get a confident, straightforward answer:  [Shrug] Love! 

Romantic love is one of the simple joys that can be found in the difficulties of daily life – that’s why it’s celebrated in the art and music of almost every culture.  Roma are especially passionate about love!

In this simple song a young man courts a girl – a familiar scene from art and music.  In real life here in Slovakia, courtship begins early for many Roma teenagers.  It’s not uncommon for teens to begin having families before they finish basic school, a common characteristic of cultures affected by material poverty.  This makes it difficult for them to finish their education… which of course means they have less chances for better-paying jobs. 

But we are meeting more and more who want to be different – to finish school before they have a family, or to go back and finish so they can show their children a way that’s more stable and sustainable. 

Why?  [Shrug] Love!

Džal Džal (“There He Goes”)
Author Unknown

There he goes after her, there he goes after her, oh!
That beautiful girl,
There he goes after her!
Don’t be angry with me,
Come to me, my love.
When will you come to me?

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