Galakticka Children's Choir

Founded in 2007 under director Ruzena Klemparova, the Galakticka Children’s Choir was begun as away to help the children grow their musical talents. They began by providing music for school functions, but in recent years they’ve expanded to performances around Kosice and all of Slovakia.They sing traditional and popular Roma songs.

“They love to perform,” says Klemparova. “They’re excited when people applaud for them, they really feel like they accomplished something. When these children discover they are good at singing, they feel like they have something to show the world.

“I like working with them because these children really have potential. They grow up in an environment where there is lots of singing and dancing, so they have this musical potential and I try to develop it. But not just for music –I also want to help them grow as students.They love singing, but they have to come to school to be in the choir.So it’s motivation for them.”

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