Devla Tu (“I Truly Love You”)

by | Sep 30, 2020 | EN, Rankovce M2 EN, Songs

“I Truly Love You” is worship song well-known among Roma in Kosice and the surrounding region, and can be found in various versions on Youtube and other social sharing sites. Its original author is unknown, but its simple melody and message speaks of the Roma experience with God. In this recording, Marian Galdun from the group M2 sings the lead vocals.

Galdun truly sings from his own experience. A car accident several years ago left him severely injured. Doctors said he was lucky to survive, and told him he would be impaired for the rest of his life, possibly unable to walk. Despite the prognosis, Galdun made an almost complete recovery – and he thanks God every day for the healing he received.

As much as the healing, Marian thanks God for the change in life he experienced in that time. “I was going down a bad road, doing things I knew I shouldn’t do. But through this experience, God stopped me,” he says, referencing the first line of the song. “I had a lot of suffering in that time, but God gave me new life.”

I Truly Love You
Author unknown

Devla tu ačhadžal man
Iľal man andalo svetos
Diňal o phariphen
Diňal o dživipen.

Me kamaf tut,
Devla čhačes,
Me kamaf tut.
Devla čhačes,
Me kamaf tut,
Sveto sal, Devla.

God you stopped me,
And saved me from the world.
I’ve had suffering,
But you’ve given me life.

I love you,
Really, Lord,
I love you,
Truly, Lord.
I love you,
You are holy.

Vocals: Marian Galdun
Lead Guitar: Martin Ondrasik
Rhythm Guitar: Marian Galdun

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