Amen sam spasimen (We Are Saved)

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Rankovce M2 EN, Songs

“We Are Saved” is a praise song popular in both Slovak and Roma translations. It’s a simple expression of thanks and praise for God’s work in the life of the believer – something we can identify with no matter what language we speak.

The band M2 Rankovce is a mixed group – Marian Galdun is Roma, and Martin Ondrasik is white Slovak, and they are occasionally joined by musicians of both cultural backgrounds. They believe music can be a bridge that connects the cultures, and Galdun has certainly seen evidence of this in his own years as a musician.

He reflects on his early years as a worship leader when he was a teenager. “I was on a church trip, and I played together with these non-Roma boys. Later they came to visit me and asked if I wanted to play with them. We formed this group and started playing at different churches and events.” Since that time, Galdun says he sees music a bridge. “It connects us to God, but at the same time, it connects us with each other. It doesn’t matter what language we speak, when we’re singing together, the music brings us together.”

We Are Saved
Author unknown

Amen sam spasimen,
Amen sam spasimen.
Ke o Ježiš dživel andra mende,
Amen sam spasimen.

Amen džiľavas, Haleluja!
Džiľavas, haleluja!
Džiľavas aj khelas, Haleluja.

We are saved,
We are saved.
Because Jesus lives in us,
We are saved.

So everybody sing: Hallelujah!
We sing: Hallelujah!
We sing and we dance, hallelujah!

Vocals: Marian Galdun
Lead Guitar: Martin Ondrasik
Rhythm Guitar: Marian Galdun

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