Veša veša (In the Woods, Gypsy Boys)

by | Mar 17, 2021 | EN, Gypsy Boys EN, Songs

This is one of two recordings of this song on Roma Voices Project – click here to read more about the song and hear the version by Luna Kecerovce.

Veša, veša (In the Woods)
Original author unknown, this recording by Gypsy Boys

Veša, veša churde veša,
U maškaral o cinteris.
O la veša, čingerava,
U mra phura da parunava.

Woods, woods, a small forest,
In the middle is a cemetery
Here I’ll cut down the trees,
and make a grave for my grandmother.

All vocals and instrumentals: Michal Dani, Rene Frater, Martin Jano, Alex Rybar

Special thanks to Julius Pecha for help with translation.

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