Romano Hangos

In 2019, eight teenagers from the Lunik IX settlement in Kosice came together to form Romano Hangos – Roma Voice in the Roma language. Several of the group’s members began by participating in worship services at the invitation of the priests of their local Roman Catholic church. They enjoyed playing together, so they began meeting to rehearse more often. After only a few months of playing together, the group has been invited to give performances at weddings, local concerts and special events in Lunik IX.

Romano Hangos has an eclectic style – their performances include traditional Roma songs, covers of popular Slovak and Roma songs, and some of their own original music. Alex Rybar, one of the group’s founders, studies music at the conservatory in Kosice. He plays in several music groups, but this one is close to his heart because of the songs they sing. Though the group is diverse, they’re brought together by their love for music. “We [Roma] live through music, with our hearts,” he says. “And not just the text, but the melody – it catches your heart and you want to cry with it… or dance with it.”

Current members of the group include: Jessica Rybarova, Alex Rybar, Jan Slepcik, Dominik Slepcik, Monika Gulasova, Ondrej Gazi, Jan Frater, Rene Frater, Martin Jano and Roman Sana.

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