Me tuke dav (I Give You My Heart)

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Devleskero Kher Worhip Team, EN, Songs

If you know that Roma are a passionate and emotional people, it won’t surprise you to learn that they bring intensity to their Christian faith – especially their worship. We’ve participated in worship with Slovak Roma in Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran and Pentecostal groups, and while the musical styles were different, that intensity was always present. They love to express their faith through singing!

Roma worship songs do not usually cover complex theological topics. Rather, they are energetic, musical reminders of the basic beliefs of their faith and their close relationship with God – like the two worship songs in this recording.

“Music is a really valuable thing in my life, because when I sing, it’s like I’m praying,” says Michal Turtak, who co-wrote one of the songs. “To worship God through song means a whole lot to me. It’s what I breathe. I can’t imagine what it would be like if there were no praise. Without music everyone would be really sad!”

Me tuke dav (I Give You My Heart)
Words and music by Dezider Duna and Michal Turták
This recording 2019 by Devleskero Kher Worship Team

Me tuke dav miro jilo,
Te arakhav
Radisagos ande tiro drom,

Radišagos ando Kristo,
Hin miri zor!
Miro jilo ande mande
Bararel tut, Devla!

O beng amen savoren našaďa,
o Ježiš pro kerestos nerinďa,

O Sentno Duchos, Ov amenca,
Čho le Devlestar amenca,
Ov amenca, ov amenca hin!

I give you my heart,
So that I can find
Joy in following your way,
My God.

Joy in Christ,
This is my strength!
My heart within me
Praises you, God!

The Devil has lost us all,
Jesus was victorious on the cross.

Holy Spirit is with us,
God’s Son is with us,
He is with us, he is with us!

Lead Vocals: Rebeka Mednanska, Leonard Horvath
Background Vocals: Leonard Horvath, Roberta Horvathova, Rebeka Mednanska, Laura Sugarova, Michal Turtak
Drums: Miro Toth
Bass: Ronald Sugar
Keyboards: Leonard Horvath

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