Kamav te phenel (“I Want to Declare”)

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Devleskero Kher Worhip Team, EN, Songs

A simple and joyful declaration of faith – that’s what so many Romani worship songs capture so well! Because these two songs have such similar melodies and styles, the worship band of Devleskero Kher church combined them into one recording. They are in the popular Čardaš style (pronounced “chardash”), a Roma music style that originated in Hungary. You’ll recognize Čardaš by the “oom-pah” rhythm, catchy simple melodies, and a tempo that gets faster and faster. Can you feel the joy and celebration, even if you don’t understand the words?

Like many Roma songs, the lyrics are easy to understand: a declaration of belief and a call to praise God – it’s a pattern we see often in the Book of Psalms in the Bible. Songs don’t have to be complicated to be expressive and uplifting, says Leo Horvath, leader of the group and lead singer on this track. “If anyone will open his or her heart, and sing from their heart with faith in God, then they will connect with God, experience him, and God can work through it.”

Kamav te phenel (“I Want to Declare”)
Original words and music by Ricardo Kwiek

Kamav te phenel hoj o Del lačho,
Amaro Kristo Ov hin džido.
Kana Leskero Lav me šunďom,
Miro jilo Leske phundraďom

Amaro Del, ov namuľa
Amaro Kristo upre uštiľa!
Aven džas Les bararas!
Uprev uštiľa, dživipen diňa,
Amaro Kristo upre uštiľa!

I want to declare that our God is good,
Our Lord, the Living One!
When I heard his Word,
I opened my heart to him.

Our God is not dead,
Our Christ rose from the dead!
So come, let’s praise him!
He rose from the dead, he gave us life,
Our Christ rose from the dead!

Lead Vocals: Leonard Horvath,
Background Vocals: Roberta Horvathova, Laura Sugarova, Michal Turtak
Keyboards: Leonard Horvath
Guitars: Leonard Horvath, Ronald Sugar
Drums: Miro Toth
Bass: Ronald Sugar

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