Ty si hoden viac (You Are Worth More)

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Devleskero Kher Worhip Team, Songs

“You Are Worth More” is a song written by Leonard Horvath and frequently used in worship at Devleskero Kher Church. It’s a simple but heartfelt song about the role our relationship with God can play in our lives.

Horvath says the inspiration for the song came from a sermon he heard. He doesn’t remember the name of the woman who was preaching, but he remembers something she said almost word-for-word. “I remember she said: ‘God is worth more than anything we are able to give him, more than we are able to honor him… he is worth much, much more.’”

Those words impacted Horvath in a meaningful way. “I understood then, that I can do whatever I want, as long as I want, and keep doing more and more… but I’m not able to accomplish anything that will really satisfy God. God wants only my heart, my attitude. He doesn’t want us to keep doing more and more and more. God will be enough for us. Once a person has really come to experience God, nothing else will ever be enough. So I started to sing, and these words came to me.”

Ty si hoden viac (You are Worth More)
Music and Lyrics by Leonard Horvath

You are worth more, you are worth more,
You are worth more than everything I have.
You are worth more, you are worth more,
You are worth more than everything I can give.

From now on, nothing will ever satisfy
Like you, my God.

From now on, nothing more,
From now on, nothing more,
Will satisfy like you.

Vocals: Leonard Horvath, Roberta Horvathova, Laura Sugarova
Keyboards: Leonard Horvath
Drums: Miro Toth
Bass: Ronald Sugar

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