Galakticka School Band

Since the founding of the Galakticka School for Roma children in 2006, music has played an important role in life of the school. Understanding the importance of music for the Roma people, the staff and teachers try to give plenty of opportunities for the students to develop their artistic gifts.

During his nine years teaching at Galakticka, Marcel Šenkýr, the school’s music teacher, has committed himself to helping individual students grow and improve. Through individual lessons, and by forming small bands among the school’s musicians, Šenkýr gives them more opportunities to develop their talents.

He recognizes the important place music can have in the future of a Roma student. “I think that every student here has a chance to discover themselves, to figure out what they’re going to do in the future. School is education, but it’s more than just that. It’s important that we help them find their own thing they’re good at, so they can take hold of their future.”

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